Friday, April 22, 2016

How does a recruiting firm deliver value? (part 2 of a series)

Wow! The summer has just flown by. The PR team has been burning the oil trying to keep up with demand, which makes for short days, weeks and months!

I recently shared my thoughts how a firm like ours delivers value to its clients. In "the world according to Jill", a smart recruiting/staffing outfit will focus on a core competency. This is why we won't stray from our expertise in IT. We know the subtle differences within a discipline like project management, software development or systems engineering and we can speak the language. This is a huge plus for our clients.

Another value generation element is taking the time to learn about our client's business culture. It's not enough to know and understand the job description. I've seen jobs filled with candidates who are a perfect fit on paper only to fail miserably. Why? Because the candidate wasn't suited to the client's business culture. This point may, in some cases, be more important than the job description.

The PR team, subsequently, will take the time (ad nauseum!) to understand who the candidate will be working with, how the workspace will be set up, chain of command, color of the walls, etc. Yes, this represents additional time (cost) on our end, but our attention to detail has meant better staffing results through the years.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well it's not...

Yes, we play hard too!

An open letter you may find interesting...

​Dear Upstate SC ISSA,

We would like to take a few moments and introduce you, your chapter officers, and your members to the ISSA Intl Women In Security Special Interest Group (WIS SIG).

Mission: Build a stronger community for both WOMEN and MEN within the security field, given the unique challenges faced within the industry.

Vision: To Connect the World, One Security Practitioner at a Time.

Visit and join our community page, where you can find relevant program, event, and leadership opportunity information:

2014 Call To Action

· Add a Women In Security SIG area to your website · Cross-Post the Quarterly WIS WIG Events · Put out a call for participation for the ISSA-Intl Conference · Help Us Build out the Community by passing out rack cards to women attendees, speakers, and sponsors

Message: We would like to extend an invitation to chapter leaders, members, and volunteers to SPREAD THE WORD, get involved, and help us grow domestically and internationally.

We offer networking, professional growth, mentoring, recruiting, and career growth opportunities for women within the security industry, as well as those interested in entering the cyber security field overall.

If you or your chapter personnel are able to support this initiative, have an interest in volunteering in any capacity (speaker, conference committee, leadership, outreach, etc.), or simply wish to become active within our community, please reach out to the co-chair, Rhonda Farrell

We would appreciate your energy, enthusiasm, and experience as we work to grow the WIS SIG to the next level.

Does the Office Building Define the Business?


No, but the Perceptive Recruiting Team are proud to announce we have taken up residence in the East Park at Pelham office park!

We are Hiring!

​The need for IT professionals​ is growing by leaps and bounds and we need you! A few positions we are presently working to fill include project manager, .Net developer, SAP BI analyst, sales support specialist, and the list continues to grow exponentially.

Take a look a how demand for IT professionals is effecting salaries:

Curious about other open positions? Give us a call!

How does a recruiting firm deliver value? (part 1 of a series)

Clearly all companies, regardless of the business they are in, are NOT created equal. I believe this is especially true in the business we are in - the business of recruiting temporary and permanent talent for our partner organizations.

So how does a recruiting firm like Perceptive Recruiting deliver maximum value, especially in the world of IT? A great deal happens behind the scenes to vet and present suitable candidates to our partners. Each process step represents an opportunity to maximize the value we can deliver. Over the next few weeks I plan to capture how the team here at PR maximizes our value proposition to our partners.

First, and possibly the greatest opportunity to maximize the value we deliver is rooted in our corporate philosophy: Focus!

Focusing on "the one thing" is inherently valuable to our partners. Why? Because we have a much keener sense of both the talent pool within a given geographic area, and how some of the subtler skill subsets will mesh with our clients' needs and existing technical communities. A company that attempts to be all things to all people fails to do anything well. There are simply too many moving parts to effectively identify and master multiple disciplines in the recruiting business.

This is why PR has chosen the field of information technology as its sole focus, and why we can master the business of knowing your business in a way that delivers maximum value.​

Coming soon...

What are the 3 most important things to remember in the hiring process? Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting!

I have lots of thoughts on this topic which I plan to share with everyone (or nobody). Coming soon