Monday, November 5, 2018

Using LinkedIn to Find a Job

I read an article by Kate Lopaze yesterday that I found interesting.  My conclusion after reading it is that using LinkedIn can be somewhat counter-intuitive at times.  Or another way to put it, a user of the medium needs to understand what LinkedIn can and canNOT do in order to effectively leverage it.

Additionally, here are my main take-ways from the article:

  • Keep your content current - seems like a "no-brainer", but it's tougher than you think!
  • Ensure your profile settings are consistent with your objectives
  • Make your profile stand out!
  • Use your connections to make new connections
  • Target specific companies/industries, and don't be afraid to reach out
We use LinkedIn every day here at PR to find candidates, so you should be using it to find a job if you're in the market.  Good luck!  TC

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