Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How does a recruiting firm deliver value? (Part 3 of a series)

​We are a small team of seasoned recruitment and technology professionals.  We joined hands to provide more value than we could as individuals. Today we provide Recruitment and Staffing services to a variety of small to mid-sized firms in industries ranging from specialty packaging to financial services to cloud services.
As I've said (ad nauseum!) in my previous posts, not all recruiting firms are cut from the same cloth!  Our team uses some very unconventional methods of recruiting (apart from the conventional ones) and this gives us access to a talent pool that other recruiters usually don't tap into.  Our success is validated by the fact that a majority of candidates we speak with have never been contacted by competing recruiting agencies working on the same job.
One of the things that makes us different is that we are a dedicated passive search team and this helps ensure that 35% of the candidates we submit are candidates without resumes on Job Boards.  In addition, our extremely successful advertising techniques increase our reach to passive/active candidates (who do not have resumes on job boards) by upwards of 30%.  It also helps that our recruiters work on fewer positions empowering them to go wide and deep for every search. 
In short, we strive for "Outrageous Success" every day!

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